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Best Florist Near Me

Best Florist Near Me

Best Florist Near Me

Best Florist Near Me – Nobody needs an excuse like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day to get a bunch of flowers for your loved one. Find the best florist and flower shop near your location and buy a bouquet for your partner now! Check out our list of florists located in your area here. From nearby flower shops, wedding florists, event florists and floral design (a.k.a. flower arrangement) workshop and courses, find a local florist for your needs or occasion.

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For some guys, the appeal of flowers is lost. Sure, they look pretty and smell nice, but are they a functional gift? Wake up and smell the roses Guys! To many women, there is little better than receiving a carefully-selected bouquet of blooms especially when they arrive as romantic, surprise gifts from spouses or significant others. 

The idea of being around beautiful flowers is appealing to a large demographic of people, but did you ever wonder how flower arranging came to be? Take a moment and step back in history with us on how flower arranging began.

Definition of a Florist

Someone whose job is to arrange and sell flowers is call a Florist. and the shop they work in is also called a florist or a florist’s. In the floristry industry, it involves the production, commerce, trade in flowers, flower care and handling, floral design, or flower arranging, merchandising, and display and flower delivery.

History of Floral Arrangement

Egypt (2,500 B.C)

Earliest known flower arranging dates back to ancient Egypt to 2,500 B.C. According to Wikipedia, Egyptians were the first to cut and place flowers in a vase to decorate and add color to their surroundings. Egyptians were known as the first florists by trade and commissioned to place very high stylized arrangements around burials, processions, and table decorations. These florists would carefully select flowers that had a symbolic meaning with emphasis on religion. A big seller was the garland of flowers worn by loved ones and left at the tombs. Illustrations of arranged flowers were also found on Egyptian carved stone reliefs and painted wall decorations.

Flowers were selected according to symbolic meaning, with emphasis on religious significance. The lotus flower or water lily, for example, was considered sacred to Isis and was often included in arrangements. Many other flowers have been found in the tombs of the ancient Egyptians, and garlands of flowers were worn by loved ones and left at the tombs. These included blue scilla, poppy-flowered anemone, Iris sibirica, delphinium, narcissus, palm tree, papyrus and rose. Egyptian wall paintings depicting roses have also been found in tombs dating from the fifth century B.C. to Cleopatra’s time.

Greeks and Roman

Wealth and power led the Romans and Greeks to the greater luxury in the use of flowers which, like the Egyptian, were used in religious rites. Like the Egyptians, the Greeks and Romans had preferences for the flowers and foliage they used with the most popular foliage used being acorns, oak leaves, laurel, ivy, bay and parsley.

Laurel wreaths were presented to winners of athletic competitions in the ancient Olympics; these wreaths were also awarded to individuals winning competition in poetic meets, while in Rome they symbolized a military victory and crowned the successful commander in honor of his triumph. The garland wreath was a symbol to the Greeks of power, honor, allegiance, dedication; it was awarded in honor of athletes, poets, civic leaders, soldier, and heroes.

China (207 BCE to 220 CE)

The Chinese were making flower arrangements as far back as 207 BCE to 220 CE, in the Han era of ancient China. Flowers were an integral component of religious teaching and medicine. Practitioners of Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism placed cut flowers on their altars, a practice which dates back to 618-906 CE. They created paintings, carvings, and embroidered items with depictions of flowers. The paintings can be found on vases, plates, scrolls, and silk, while carvings were done on wood, bronze, jade and ivory.

Buddhist teachings forbade the taking of a life, so religious practitioners worked sparingly when taking cuttings from plants. Flowers and leaves that were used to make basket arrangements were selected based on their symbolic meaning. For example, the bamboo, the peach tree, and the pear tree symbolized longevity. The tiger lily, the pomegranate, and the orchid symbolized fertility. The most honored of all flowers was the peony. Considered the “king of flowers”, it symbolized wealth, good fortune, and high status.

Europe (1,000 C.E.)

Flowers were popular in churches and monasteries where flowers were used for food (to eat) as well as decoration. An important part of flower arranging was with herbs, which was used as a spiritual symbol in arranging.

Italy was the first in Europe to incorporate flowers in paintings, they were the first to paint flowers in a vase, thus creating a need for floral design. Adorning your balcony with flowers and petals in baskets was an inviting sign to your home.

Why Women Love Flowers

Centuries have past, but one thing remains, flower arranging is a timeless art and will continue be an important in centuries to come but do you know why flowers remain a favorite gift for most women thousands of years later? Why do flowers intoxicate women while men tend to be more indifferent to them? Read on to find out the answers.


Watch any romance movie and you will likely see flowers—particularly roses— being offered as a symbol of love. Getting a floral arrangement from a significant other, is a romantic gesture that almost never fails to make a woman feel loved (disclaimer: most women).

While most men, typically hard wired to think in terms of practicality and functionality, may feel that flowers are “not useful” and “serves no function”, presenting a bouquet of flowers to your other half says that making her smile was, by itself, more important than what you think.


Another reason that women love flowers is that they are almost always a surprise. Whether you arrive at her door for a date with flowers in hand or send a floral arrangement to her workplace, you are doing something that she won’t quite see coming. These little surprises help keep relationships romantic and spontaneous and can keep couples happier for longer.


Many flowers have symbolic meanings that make them more than just an everyday, average gift. Select a flower with a specialized meaning for your gift recipient. If she is unaware of the meaning associated with the blooms, inform her of it, telling her why you selected the flower specifically for her. For example, pink flowers express gratitude, and lilacs symbolize first love. Wondering about which flower to buy for your occasion and the symbolic reasons for each flower? Read on.

Flowers for Different Occasions

For every job, there is a right tool; for every occasion, there is the perfect flower. Flowers, like every individual, are special. Each flower comes with its own shade of color tone, unique look and special meanings. With a wide range of flowers and colors, some flowers are better for some occasions than others. Let’s look at some of the perfect matches.

First Date & Dates

Flowers for a first date should not be overwhelming. You do not want to frighten your date. Consider tulips and orchids for your new object of affection. If you’ve been going steady for some time, nothing is better than the traditional red rose.


The tulip is one of the most popular and loved flowers of spring. Tulips are most closely associated with the Netherlands. Due to their meaning of perfect love, tulips represent elegance and grace. They can be used to epitomize a declaration of love.


The orchid is a unique flower that gives off an aura of exotic beauty and flair. Orchids stand for refinement, mature charm, femininity, and thoughtfulness. They offer a sense of elegance and delicate beauty. Orchids are long lasting and make great gifts for virtually any occasion.

Valentine’s Day

Roses, especially, red and pink roses are the favorites of lovers on the Valentines Day since the roses have been the symbols of love right from the Victorian times. Avoid yellow roses alone, however, as that represents friendship, not love. A yellow rose with a red tip, however, can symbolize both love and joy.


The rose is one of the most popular symbols of love. Being a timeless and classic flowers, Roses (Red) are beloved by many and considered a representations of deep, powerful love. Red roses are perfect Valentine’s Day flowers for a couple in love and can also symbolize longing, devotion, or admiration.

Wedding Anniversary

Wedding anniversary flowers are beautiful expression of how much our other half are loved, cherished and appreciated. It carries meaningful messages of; beauty, purity and sentiments to express “I Love You” in the most beautiful, romantic way. While I believe in presenting my love with her favorite flower, there’s apparently a guide in the market on wedding anniversary flower by year as follows. Enjoy!

1st Anniversary – Pansy, Orange Blossom
2nd Anniversary – Cosmos, Lily of the Valley
3rd Anniversary – Fuchsia, Lily of the Valley
4th Anniversary – Geranium, Hydrangea
5th Anniversary – Daisy
6th Anniversary – Calla Lily
7th Anniversary – Freesia, Jack-in-the-pulpit
8th Anniversary – Clematis, Lilac
9th Anniversary – Poppy, Bird of Paradise
10th Anniversary – Daffodil
11th Anniversary – Tulip, Morning Glory
12th Anniversary – Peony
13th Anniversary – Hollyhock, Chrysanthemum
14th Anniversary – Orchid, Dahlia
15th Anniversary – Rose
16th Anniversary – Statice
17th Anniversary – Red Carnation
19th Anniversary – Bronze Mums
20th Anniversary – Day Lily, Aster
25th Anniversary – Iris
28th Anniversary – Orchids
30th Anniversary – Lily, Sweet Pea
35th Anniversary – African Violet
40th Anniversary – Nasturtium, Gladiolus
45th Anniversary – Blue Iris
50th Anniversary – Yellow Roses, Violet

Get Well Soon

Presenting flowers to a person who’s ill or in the process of recovery, could help brighten their mood and the environment they are in. Generally, if they are in the hospital, flowers should not be overly fragrant. Irises and tulips can be vibrant and add a touch of color to dreary hospital rooms. If they are at home, marigolds represent resilience while yellow flowers, such as daffodils representing rebirth, are bright and cheery. Do avoid yellow day lilies, however, as they are associated with funerals.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day flowers are perfect when you’re far away from mom on Mother’s Day, or if you’ll spend the day with her. Some of the most popular Mother’s Day flowers include lilies, orchards, tulips, roses, irises and callas. Although pink is a traditional color favorite for Mother’s Day flowers, brighter, bolder color combinations are becoming the trend. Popular plants for Mother’s Day include hydrangea, azaleas, chrysanthemums and blooming kalanchoe plants.


Whatever the occasion, flowers are always a nice touch and its a great way of showing your affection. Food is the way to a mans heart. Flowers are the way to a women’s (most women).

Best Florist Near Me

Best Florist Near Me – There can be many reasons for a man to gift a woman with a bouquet of fresh flowers. It could be a gift for a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary or Valentine’s Day. It could be to say sorry or to say thank you for something or simply just because “I love you!’

If you are a local florist or owner of a flower shop, do list your services online for free in our local services marketplace now. With no middle man commission or fees to pay, give your customers the best you can offer and become a trusted florist in your area. 

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Best Florist Near Me
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