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Free Local Business Listing & Directory

Free Local Business Listing & Directory

Free Local Business Listing & Directory

Free Local Business Listing & Directory – Technology, internet and the internet of things are expanding and penetrating into all aspect of our lives. If you are a service provider (store or non store fronting). you should be worried or at least be interested to find out and join the first movers. The way businesses are operating now are very different from the past. The old traditional way of publishing your business in a Yellow pages (the thick book) and advertising in your local newspaper classified are no longer sufficient to capture eyeballs and sales. People are moving increasing towards searching online for everything you can think of. You need to advertise your business online on a local business directory for your products / services to be found. To cut your cost further, choose a Free Local Business Listing & Directory like for your business.

Online Local Business Directory

What is an online local business directory? An online business directory is one where local businesses can list and advertise your products and services on an online website / platform which like your old Yellow Pages lists all the businesses in your country, state or community. These online business directory, equipped with an online search function, makes searching for a product or as a service finder (as compared to the yellow pages) much easier. Listing your products and services online in a business directory will increase your leads, online exposure and improved search engine presences and customers living in your area will also be capable of finding, discovering and getting in touch with your company for the products and services offered by you.

Benefits of Local Business Listing

The benefits of listing in a business directory are huge. These are especially so for small and medium enterprises that needs to do everything you can to stand on even grounds with the mammoth competitors with established clientele and branding. By listing your business, you can look towards reaping the following benefits;

  • Improved Online Presence – Everyone is going online to search or google for everything under the sky. If you are not able to find your business name on the internet, it’s because you have never submitted a local business listing. No online listings also mean no one can find you or your business. Improve your online presence today easily by submitting a free local business listing online to boost your presence and visibility to your local community.
  • Strengthened Reputation – Sometimes the fear of having negative reviews online prevents businesses from listing online, however, this is a double edge sword. By not listing online, this effectively also prevent you from getting positive reviews as well. As a business entity, you are there for the longer term and having some negative reviews will be inevitable. More importantly, knowing which customer is unsatisfied, why causes the unsatisfactory respond and knowing how handle one tactfully would strengthen your reputation and signifying that you are a company that cares.
  • Powerful Marketing – Most online business directories provides a customer review component. By providing quality products or services, good customer reviews will flow resulting in the most powerful advertising you will ever get for FREE, Words of Mouth! Theses are the upmost trusted advertising for any consumers when they see many positive reviews i.e. trust. Customers are always looking for the best in the class to entrust their task with.
  • Increased Brand Awareness – Whenever a user performs a search in an online business directory, it will display a list of relevant results, each with a brief snapshot so that the customer can decide which one to click on to learn more. Now even if a user does not click on your listing, they still see your business. Every encounter a person has with your business increases their awareness and familiarity with your brand, which warms them up for further engagement.
  • Boosted SEO – Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of providing your web content in such a way that search engines will favor it and rank it higher in results for applicable searches. A search engine wants to show trusted and relevant information to users so the more information (impt: relevance as well) you have in your listing, the better your search ranking will be.

Free Local Business Listing & Directory

Free Local Business Listing & Directory – Online business listings are a great way to support and boost your business giving it an extra advertising and brand awareness avenue. To minimize your cost, you can always look for a free local business listing & directory site like 777Find is a free business directory that is focused on service based businesses. If you are a service providing company or service professional, you are wanted by our customers!

To get started, simply register an account here and start posting free listing to advertise your local business and services today!

Free Local Business Listing & Directory
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