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Free Online Advertising for Small Business

Free Online Advertising for Small Business

Free Online Advertising for Small Business

The old saying of “There’s no such thing as a free lunch” is increasingly getting outdated with the emergence of technology. Free online advertising for small business are now abundant and the world will increasingly be about small businesses than large corporation. If you are looking for free online advertising sites or how to advertise my business locally, read on.

How to Promote Your Small Business Online

There are many ways to promote your small business online for free. Depending on your industry, technical knowledge and time, each may be more suitable than the other. I will attempt to list down the different avenues for a small business to list online for free local advertising.

Free Business Listing Online

Many small business owners know about online business directories, but aren’t quite clear on how advantageous they are to their business and how to advertise their business locally.

What is a an Online Business Directory? Online business directories can take the form of a website, app, and/or other platform. Online directories, sometimes known as free classified ads website, are the evolved digital version of the Yellow Pages, they are comprehensive platforms that enable users to find, identify, learn about, and contact businesses relevant to them. 

There are many free classified ads website online for business to list. Some of the more popular ones include Yelp, Craigslist, Locanto, Manta and Google My Business. While there are countless business listing sites, which do you choose? The answer is relevancy.

Relevancy is critical both in terms of getting the right customer attention and for online search engine optimization (S.E.O.). From an real world business perspective, would you be pitching about your local cafe’s delicious pizza at a forum for slimming equipment? Or renting an exhibition booth in Guangzhou China to promote your local supermarket business based in New York which serves mainly locals?

The same applies in S.E.O. While there are tons of free business listing sites online, you should attempt to list your businesses at the most relevant one or in the most relevant categories within the site. This is a way of helping search engines understand and categorize your business within the correct search queries.

As with all businesses in the real or offline world, advertising (read: not spamming) at every possible opportunity is important. You will never know who is concealed within that programmer forum or the Guangzhou convention. The main consideration / limitation is a balance between your available time, budget and the weight / impact provided in that.

At, we are a Service Based marketplace. If you are a service provider looking for one of the best free online business directory in the service industry, 777Find is your answer.

Service providers can list their business online for free thru our website, and mobile app. The service listings will be sync between our website and mobile app seamlessly and seen by customers searching online and using our mobile app. Customers searching for local services are attracted to our website and your business listing on local services provided would be a match.

Blog with High Quality Content

In 1996, Bill Gates wrote an article titled, “Content Is King.” Fast-forward over 20 years, and those words are truer than ever. 

If you own a website built with content management system (CMS) or WordPress, you would be quite familiar with blogging

From a business perspective, blogging not only allows you to share relevant content / information with your viewers online, it builds reputation and trust.

Quality post and well researched articles (breath and depth), helps retain a reader and prompts him or her to read more.

Always state your website on your name card (old school business marketing) and encourage your potential customer to check out your blog (think click bait).

There’s a limit to what you can print on a card (before your entire business card is covered with words) but there’s no limit to what you can write in your blog.

Similarly, such articles resonates well (think search ranking) with Search Engines who are in the primary business of providing searchers with the best and relevant answer. 

If you can become an authority in your industry, you’ll garner the attention of consumers, the media and business owners alike and become an influencer or authoritative figure.

While effective, bloggers must accept that you are in for the long-term. Getting to number one or even page one in SERP (Search Engine Result Page) won’t happen overnight. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is determined by other factors as well. 

Market Your Content

Content marketing is a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content (articles, videos, products and services) for a targeted audience online.

Posting your article, product or services on a content marketplace helps to funnel some of the traffic over to your website. This is especially important during your early stage.

A content marketplace is an online platform (website or app) that connects content providers with content suppliers (think Wikipedia, Amazon and Uber)

Like any business in the offline world, unless you are an established brand, you need to advertise, share and market your products and services.

Posting free classified listing online at a content marketplace platform to showcase your products or services is a good example of online content marketing. 

If you are advertising your small business online thru classified ads, refrain from a common mistake that many made. DO NOT post 3 liners ad, it simply does not cross the bar. 

Unless you have the monopoly, why would a potential customer be inclined to select your product or service over a competitor with 3 liner of words?

Flesh your ads with content (words). Give a simple introduction of yourself, a brief on the product or services that you are offering and what are the benefits. 

If you have skipped the earlier section on content is king, please read before continuing.

Beauty is Queen

If content is king, then beauty is queen. A picture is a great way to convey your message quickly to an audience without them reading through a lot of text.

It may be difficult for academics who write scientific journals to accompany their article with a picture but if you are not an academic, you need to pictures.

Images attract attention. Think Instagram and the early stage of Facebook. Everybody likes to follow a beauty queen and the latest fitness hunk. Why? Because beauty attracts.

A news article with a photo or graphic element is much more likely to be read, both in print and online. Images invite people to look at the story.

If there are five products or services listed on a page, the one most people gravitate to is going to be the one with an image.

Images provide visual cues to grab a consumer’s attention online and are three times more likely to be re-shared if it includes an image.

So if you are advertising your small business online, always attempt to post it with a picture. Your logo, selfie or a picture showing your product or service is always better than none.

When choosing images, think your decision through and pick one that targets the audience you are going after. At 777Find, its free to attach your images with your ads.

Join a Chamber of Commerce

Every major city and many small towns have a Chamber of Commerce or an Association of your trade and pitch your product or services in the networking events.

This is especially important for local service providers since your potential customers are almost always your locals. By joining (if approved), you are trustworthy, pending review.

The other perk of joining a local chamber or association is getting to know business owners in related industries who aren’t your competitors.

Let’s say you own a hardware store. Try partnering with a local plumber, contractor, or mechanic to cross-promote services. 

Embrace Technology

Technology today has infused themselves into almost every inch of our daily life. Everyone are looking online for answers and solutions to their needs and wants.

There are many free options to advertise your small business online thru the help of technology giants. Some of the more popular options are listed below.

Facebook, which used to be about checking out friends, uploading your daily pics and relationship status, now offers small business to list your products and services online.

Google, which used to be about search algorithm and ads are also moving into the arena allowing business to advertise your products and services thru Google My Business.

Yelp, the digital version of Yellow Pages that killed the thick phone directory, offers small businesses to list your products and services online as well.

777Find, a service niche marketplace for the local service providers. Thru our website and mobile app, we match service seeking customers with service providers for free. 

Free Online Advertising for Small Business

Unless you are a small business backed by venture capitalist (VC) with loads of cash to burn just to get competitors off the market, you need to know how to advertise your small business on a budget to start.

Small businesses today have more options than ever when it comes to advertising their business online for free.  Even if you can’t afford a national TV ad or a full-page spread in your local newspapers, you can still get your message in front of relevant customers for free.

If you have read thru our article on free online advertising for small business, you should be well equipped now on how to bring your small business forward.

Are you a professional service provider? List your services online for free at the best free service provider marketplace and get new customers. 

Free Online Advertising for Small Business
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Free Online Advertising for Small Business
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