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How to Give Tuition in Singapore

How to Give Tuition in Singapore

How to Give Tuition in Singapore

How to give tuition in Singapore – Thinking of earning some cash during your free time? How about becoming a Tuition Teacher (a.k.a. Private Tutor)? Being a tutor is not an easy job, but it’s also a job where earning a five figures “salary” a month is a very real possibility with some earning millions just by giving tuition. The tuition industry in Singapore is worth more than a billion dollars annually. With a continuous need to increase Singapore’s population and high education standards, tuition teachers are highly sought after by parents to teach their kids how to solve school work and pass their exams, where possible, with flying colors.

How to Be a Tutor in Singapore

The tuition industry is growing rapidly with many tutors entering the industry, lured by the attractive income. Top tutors put in a lot of hard work to help their students to ensure good results. To become a Tutor in Singapore is simple. As a general guide, you need to decide on what to teach and how much to charge. To help you along on your decision, use the following as a guide;

  • What subjects are you are good in? e.g. English, Chinese, Math?
  • What level are you going to teach? e.g. Primary 4, Secondary 3 or Junior College 2?
  • Where you will be teaching? Are you going to travel to the student’s place or will the student be taught at your premises?
  • How much are you charging? Per subject per month and how much classes per week?

Challenges of Being Tutors

Nobody said tutoring is a free lunch. Giving tuition is a combination of science and human touch. It is ultimately a service. While the lesson plans are critical, ensuring your students’ comfort needs are met is also a priority. For a kid to be willing to taught, they must be receptive to you and trust you. Many kids are already under tremendous amount of stress and fail to recognize these will only guarantee failure. Being patient is a necessary virtue in the tutoring industry, all humans are not perfect and every student will have their own strength and weaknesses. As part of your professionalism, you need to exhibit patience and provide encouragement to the children whenever its needed. These virtues and support means a lot to them and their parents! As an additional pointers to help you along, check out the following DO-NOT that you should never do;

  • DO NOT be late for lessons – Especially during your first lesson. First impression counts no matter what. A tutor’s frequent lateness can be considered by parents as a form of disrespect to their time and trust.
  • DO NOT change lesson timing last minute – Changing a lesson timing at the last hour can cause much inconvenience and discontentment to the parents and the kid. Everybody have their own schedule and plans.
  • DO NOT shortchange lesson time – Promised a lesson for one and a half hour each, make sure you allocate and deliver the same amount of time for the tuition. Nobody likes to over pay and nobody likes services under-delivered.  
  • DO NOT bring emotional baggage into the lesson – Yes, everybody have our ups and downs. Be professional, at least for that one and a half hour, in front of your student. What you do after is your business.

Register as Tutor in Singapore

Once you are decided on the above questions, you can start registering yourself as a Tutor in Singapore. There are many websites in Singapore for tuition teachers to consider. Most are either paid listing or they will simply take a portion of your tuition fee (normally the first months fees) as an introduction fee. If you wish to register as a Tutor in Singapore and do not wish to pay any fee, you have come to the right place. is a local service finder in Singapore and we allow Tuition Teachers (Private Tutors and Tuition Agencies) to advertise your Singapore tuition listing online with us for FREE. To start, you simply need to register an account for free, get verified via email and start listing your services online (unlimited ads posting) for free.  Parents and students looking for tuition teachers are looking for the ideal tutor for their subjects. What you waiting for? Register now and become a Tutor in Singapore!

Singapore Tutor Jobs / Assignment

Are you a full time or part time tutor in Singapore? Looking for Singapore’s tutor jobs and assignments? Check out our latest tuition assignment jobs online here. If you are a parent looking for the best tuition teachers or tuition agency near you, post a tutor job assignment ad with us for free. Tuition teachers and tuition agencies that sees your tuition assignment needs, will get in touch with you if they are able to satisfy your kids’ needs. With no middle man commission or advertising cost required, you can now post your Singapore Tutor Jobs  & Assignments online for FREE! Simply register an account and start posting your Tutor needed ads. If you are a tuition teacher looking for jobs and assignments, visit our website daily as our tuition assignments and jobs are updated daily or as soon as an assignment is posted online successfully. So be the first to get in touch and grab the job!

How to Give Tuition in Singapore

How to give tuition in Singapore – Still thinking of how to give tuition in Singapore? Parents hiring tutors for their kids hopes that with tuition, their kids would be cope better in school and exams. Engaging a tutor, is like matchmaking. Every kid is different and their needs are customized. Expectations on tutors are also differing across parents. Coupling a student who is willing to work hard and a good tuition teacher would surely ensure results. If you are passionate about teaching, wishes to give tuition in Singapore and earn some cash in the process, you are wanted! Come on-board Singapore’s best free tuition finder and get matched with students needing help in their studies. Start marketing yourself online by posting free tuition services ads with us now!

How to Give Tuition in Singapore
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