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Marketplace for Professional Services

Marketplace for Professional Services

Marketplace for Professional Services

Marketplace for Professional Services – What is a marketplace for professional services? A professional services marketplace is an online services marketplace platform (either thru a website or mobile app or both) where service professionals or service providing companies can list their services online for customer seeking services to hire or get in touch with. An online marketplace for services facilitates matching of service professionals to service seeking customers and vice versa. Thru such a services marketplace platform, business, freelancers and customers can congregate at one point to search, review and find local service professionals near you or global service experts that could provide certain service which you might not be able to find locally. 

Business & Home Services Marketplace

There are many types of marketplace for services with some focusing on a certain niche. Each website or online marketplace generally caters to a certain service niche and allows the service professionals within such service categories to list their services online and be found. Some of the broad categories of services are listed below:

A business or home service marketplace generally builds their online environment around a certain category of services with verticals within the category. If you are a Service Provider with some years of experiences, you would probably have heard of them (e.g. home advisor, fiverr or freelancers) or listed your services within these marketplaces. Most marketplaces, if not all, requires either the service provider or the customer to pay for usage of their website, online tools or mobile app. There are also marketplace charges like a middleman commission, bidding fee / credit or membership fee to be paid before a service professional can list or contact a customer or for a customer to get their “free” quote.

Free Marketplace for Services?

As a service provider, especially in the case of a Freelancer, there are many uncertainties involved with tons of moving parts. If you are just starting out,you will feel the pain even more and understand the difficulties and dedication needed to step up. However, as with all businesses, marketing is a critical component and should never be neglected. So what should we do? Without a fancy budget, wealth parents or venture capitalist providing you with “free” money to gear up your business, is there no other way to market your services without incurring cost?

The solution to you question is Yes, the cost of marketing your services are a major consideration that reduces your available capital, but as mentioned it is also necessary to publicize your services and in turn attract eyeballs and sales / income. So, what if you could do all these for FREE? Yes, ZERO cost? Yes, you can market your services online for free by using the free tools, website and mobile app provided by 777Find, a free marketplace for Services. Service providers can list your services online for free, generate leads for free, get increase search engine optimization and appear in search results for free. There are no per listing fee, no membership fee, no marketplace commission to pay and no fees to pay to get in touch with customers requesting for quotes. Now, you can start to market your services online for free! The same applies for service seeking customers, customers can post their service jobs online, free as well, within the service categories for service professionals to find and get in touch. Customers can also search, find, review, chat and engage service experts for free as well.  

Marketplace for Professional Services

Marketplace for Professional Services – Marketing your services or posting a service job online are the new way of doing business. A professional services marketplace allows both the service providers and service seekers i.e. customers to find and engage with each other. With, we have sweeten the deal even further by allowing both service professionals and customers to do so for free. If you are looking to increase your leads, advertise your services, or increase your companies online presences, is the best free platform for services online to accomplish that. If you are a customer looking for a local service talent to help with your home fixing, plumbing, cleaning or many many more, you can simply post a service job online with us and let service professionals around your location get in touch with you.  

Register for a free account here and start listing your services or service jobs online for free!

Marketplace for Professional Services
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