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Mobile Dog Grooming Near Me

Mobile Dog Grooming Near Me

Mobile Dog Grooming Near Me

Mobile Dog Grooming Near Me – Are you looking for mobile dog grooming services (a.k.a. dog home grooming) near you for your dog? Mobile pet salon and mobile dog grooming van are get more and more popular. More often then not, the cost of such mobile dog groomers are almost the same as taking your dog to a pet grooming shop but should you use an in-home dog grooming service if it cost you about the same price as the salon? What are the advantage and disadvantage of engaging a dog home groomer vs a dog grooming salon? What are the differences in these services that matters to you and your dog? If you are concerned or looking to engage a mobile dog grooming professional that provides dog home grooming, this may be the article for you.

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A dog is a man’s best friend. Having a dog in the family comes with responsibilities and making sure that your dog is groomed properly is one of them. Its common knowledge that health problems could arise if our dogs are not properly groomed on a regular basis. However, finding the time to get this done is not always easy. Thanks to mobile dog grooming service, it may just be the solution for your dog grooming problems.

What is Mobile Dog Grooming

A mobile dog grooming service (also known as in-home dog grooming service or mobile dog salon) is when a professional dog groomer travels to your home to take care of your dog’s grooming needs. This is in contrast to you bringing your dog for your dog to a nearby pet salon for your dog’s regular grooming needs. Such mobile dog groomers usually travel around in a self-contained customized van and provide door to door services i.e. arrives at your door to take care of your dog’s grooming needs.

Mobile Dog Grooming Van
Image credit: Vroom n Groom

Mobile dog grooming is getting increasingly popular and preferred by most of today’s busy pet owners. It is the convenience of having a mobile dog groomer travelling to you and the exclusive attention for your pet while still costing around the same as visiting a pet salon that makes it so desirable to use a mobile dog grooming service. Most mobile dog grooming vans are self equipped with the necessary electricity and equipment like dryer, table, clippers, A/C, vacuum, lights, hot water heater to ensures your pet dog gets the best attention and grooming he / she needs.

Pros and Cons of Mobile Dog Grooming

As with all things in life, no one solution can satisfy every needs and wants. Mobile dog grooming can have its advantage and disadvantage depending on you and your dog’s need and situation. If you’re looking for a professional groomer for your pet dog, here are the pros and cons of getting your pet groomed at home. 

Pros of Mobile Dog Grooming


One of the major benefits of mobile grooming is convenience to you and your pet. By having the groomer coming over to you and bringing the services over, you can avoid getting your pet(s) to a grooming facility away from the comfort of your home. 

If you are like majority of the population where applying for time off work could prove impossible at time, you will appreciate the flexibility that mobile dog groomers offers in terms of timing. Check with them and you will likely to able to schedule for your dog groomer to come over early in the morning, late night or even for weekend appointments which most traditional pet salons don’t.

Less stress

Animals, like humans, can experience separation anxiety when you leave them at a groomer or become anxious or car sick on the way there. With mobile grooming services, a groomer arriving at your door step can provide a less stressful experience for your pet dog as he / she will be in a familiar and safe location, home. 

No other pets

Pets can become agitated or anxious when they are in close proximity with other animals. With mobile grooming, your pet can enjoy his / her exclusive grooming done without the added distraction from having to deal with other animals at the salon and getting undivided attention from his / her groomer.


With a mobile dog groomer coming over, you can rest assure that your pet is the only animal in the salon and worry less about possible contamination from other animals, disease spreading, insects and parasites.

Faster grooming time

It is no longer necessary for you to spend 8 hours in a grooming shop, waiting while other dogs are being groomed. Your dog is the mobile groomer’s only customer for that time slot and receive exclusive attention during his / her entire grooming appointment.

Special Needs

Dogs with special needs (older dogs, car sickness, mobility disabilities or dogs that are already ill) could use the help of a mobile dog groomer as they may not handle the stress of a trip to the groomer or pet salon well. 

Cons of Mobile Dog Grooming


Mobile grooming can cost you more, but not much. Depending on you and your dog’s requirements, you will need to decide which is more important. Mobile groomers do offer more flexibility and convenience for pet owners but they can charge more than the average grooming salon due to the exclusive attention rendered (a.k.a. convenience fee). You may need to compare a few groomers’ costs to find a reasonably priced one.

Enclosed grooming area

Fixed location traditional pet salons typically have a visible grooming area for pet owners to ensure that their dogs are being treated well, mobile dog grooming vans may not. Some mobile groomers are aware of such concerns and have viewing areas or may offer to groom your pet in your home to address these concerns.

Your location

Many pet owners’ homes are located near or along busy roads which may or may not have sufficient shoulder space to park. In some condominiums or gated communities, there could be tons of rules prohibiting groomers from parking their van there or perhaps if you are staying in a hard to reach area, the mobile groomer might require a four-wheel drive in order to reach your location. Such situations may impede the number of mobile groomers that you can select from. 

Limited Schedule

A mobile dog groomer may only service certain neighborhoods or towns on specific days of the week to help keep their travel expenses down. They also tend to book out quicker and farther in advance because of their limited availability to take in a high volume of dogs.

One Groomer

Mobile groomers often work alone, and very rarely have help (although some do). This can be a disadvantage if you have a very large pet or a pet that may require the help of another groomer. However, I would like to highlight that this could also be a plus point if your mobile dog groomer is good. Groomers in a pet salon come and go all the time. So you may settle into a groomer you like just to find out that they have moved away or have gone to another salon during your next visit. Or they just simply moved to another salon to far for you to drive to.

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Mobile Dog Grooming Near Me

Mobile Dog Grooming Near Me – Mobile dog grooming provides a convenient and easy way to get your pet dog groomed, but the service isn’t for everyone. If you’re searching for a professional mobile dog groomer for your pet, check out our mobile pet groomers here and stop worrying about how your lack of time is affecting your dog. A mobile pet grooming business could provide you with every service that you could get at an onsite home turf grooming without stressing your dog. The convenience and affordability of the services may just be the solution for you and your dog.

If you are a mobile pet groomer for dogs, do list your services online for free in our pet services marketplace now. With no middle man commission or fees to pay, give your customers the best you can offer and become a trusted mobile pet groomer in your area. 

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Mobile Dog Grooming Near Me
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