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Online Marketplace for Professional Services

Online Marketplace for Professional Services

Online Marketplace for Professional Services

Online Marketplace for Professional Services: Office and working adults are working longer and harder. A typical work day consist of clocking eight hours .or more every day making it difficult to keep up with our daily chores. Not everyone can afford to have a full-time housekeeper or a round the clock nanny to help take care of our kids or baby. But something has been changing over time. With more and more people going online to seek help for home chores and the increased comfort with the idea of having someone else to help them do their day-to-day work every once in a while, the online opportunity for freelance or part time work appears to be ripe for aspiring entrepreneurs looking for an opportunity to help and earn an income at the same time.

This is where a Service Marketplace steps in to help match busy office-goers with service professionals looking to cater to the need of the hour. A service marketplace is an online marketplace offering tasks and services where freelancers and service based businesses will provide their services for those in need. At, we create a great platform for service providers and consumers to meet each other, while the job of service delivery is performed and taken care of by sellers and buyers. With tons of services that can be provided, a service marketplace, can almost always fulfill your needed service like grocery shopping, babysitting, elderly care and more. With a good online service marketplace platform like, service needing customers can be matched with service providing freelancers, entrepreneurs or service based corporations to satisfy their project or work needs. Service professionals can also list their services online for free to be found and increase their customer leads.

Service Marketplace Platform

What is a ‘Service Marketplace Platform‘? Online marketplace for services are enabling eCommerce and increased sales worldwide. The ability of an online service marketplace website are influencing world economies as we speak. So what makes a good platform for service based businesses and freelancers to market their services online? To put it simply, an online service marketplace is a platform that consist of either an online website and/or mobile platforms e.g. mobile apps that act as virtual storefronts for service providers to list their services and prices online and with an integrated environments that connects service offerings / listings to consumers who require this service, on demand and often instantly.

An online marketplace for services platform helps in enabling your services to be found online (traditionally services can only be found on site / at premise and / or physically during face to face interaction) thereby increasing customers leads, increases sales and simplify the steps involved in conversion of prospects to sales. It will also help compliment sales for a physical storefront, eliminate the barriers of time (your listings are found and can be booked online 24/7) with transactions happening virtually online and without a need of physical intervention.


Best Home Services Marketplace

Consumers can now purchase services from local vendors and freelancers on-demand via home service marketplaces. A Home Service Marketplace works by allowing a Consumers to request for a particular service online through the marketplace. The site then matches them with service professionals in their local area. They only pay for the service when the provider completes the job or, in some cases, at the time of the appointment. Through a home service marketplace like, consumers can pre-screen professionals prior to engaging them for the job or project. Customers can also provide verified customer reviews associated with each vendor’s profile and services requiring freelancers and service based businesses to maintain a high rating to stay active. Almost all service marketplaces charge service providers on a per-lead generated basis or as a percentage of sales. At, we are proud to annouce that service providers and service needing customer do not need to pay, its a FREE service marketplace and we intend to keep it this way for service providers and customers alike. So if you are looking for the Best Home Services Marketplace, search no further, at, we are the Best Free Service Marketplace online. Service providers can register for an account today and start listing your services for free! Service needing customers can find, contact and engage the service professionals on our website for free! Service providers and customers can also download our service marketplace app (android app) at Google Play store to list, find, chat and engage service professional and services also. Check out our online marketplace for professional services! 

Best Service Marketplace for On-demand Services, Home Services Marketplace.

Online Marketplace for Professional Services
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