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Better Hiring on 777Find

Tips for confidently hiring the right pro

Do your research


Plan in advance what are your needs for your project e.g. design, materials and non-negotiable like deadlines etc. The more you can communicate to the pros about what you want, the better your quotes and final product will be.


Compare quotes, past experiences of the Pros to make a better informed decision. Be sure to visit the pro’s public profiles, website or Facebook page links to see pictures of past work, reviews, and other information to help you make your choice.


Customers and pros can communicate thru our own messaging platform. Feel free to ask the pro when you are in doubt or to inquire about similar projects the pro has done or references . If your project requires a permit, and if the pro plans to subcontract any of the work.


Confirm on warranty, licensing and insurance coverage with the Pros, if your project requires. Always communicate upfront on whether these are to be covered by the Pros and if yes, whether its provided for in the quotation. These will help reduce misunderstanding and improve service outcome.

Review Pro’s Profile


Review the Pro’s profile to get a better understanding of their business and ability. e.g. number of years in business, the number of times they have been hired, past and present portfolios and how many employees their business has.


Past customers reviews can offer insightful details into a professional’s ability and service quality. Timeliness, technical skills, qualifications, and quality of work. How the Pros respond to reviews can reveal plenty on how they treat their customers and after sales services.


Pictures are worth 1,000 words. Pros can provide photos or videos of their work to showcase their past projects. Look for examples of similar projects that the pro showcased or has completed. Didn’t see any? Reach out by our chat platform and ask the pro to provide some.


Only verified account can communicate with customers. In the Pro’s details, there is also a mobile number field which you can contact them directly. Completeness of a Pro’s profile is sometimes a good gauge of professionalism. Accompanied with good reviews, customers are more confident of hiring.

Write down the details (and keep copies)


Provide plenty of info and include sufficient details about your project so that Pros who are willing and able to meet your needs can provide an accurate quote. Always plan in advance on what are your needs for your project e.g. design, materials and non-negotiable like deadlines etc. The more you can communicate to the pros about what you want, the better your quotes and final product will be.


Be clear about your project expectations. Where possible, send photos or similar media or videos in your project details. This is especially important if you’re looking for a distinct style, design, or technique. Proactively reach out to Pros if you want to discuss the details over the phone. Once you’ve hired a pro, it’s also important to determine how payment will occur and what specific requirements you have for the project.


When possible, request for a written contract. When you’re ready to hire, a written contract is the best way to synergize the agreement with your Pros, especially for very technical or high-value projects. For larger home improvement projects, many finalize the project and payment details in a contract. Smaller projects, like a one-time house cleaning or massage session, may require a different arrangement. The contract might include the who, what, where, when, and cost of the project. For lengthy projects, you may want to specify in the contract that payments will be made as certain work is completed.


Keep records of correspondence, payments, communications, invoices, proof of payment, insurance, and proof of licensing. For construction-related projects, you may want to take photos of the ongoing work. Having photos and documents means that you’ll be prepared if there are unexpected issues. No matter what your project is, be sure to ask about additional fees beforehand and always make sure to get a receipt from the Pro.

Smart Hiring

Too Good?

The cheapest quote may not always be the best! Do not simply choose a Pro solely based on the lowest price. While the deal may seem tempting, its always best to find out more on what the quote encompasses and do a comparison with other quotes. Request for an explanation to see if there’s a reason for any unusually low price.

Take Time

Plan ahead and take your time to decide. Communicate with the Pros and ask for more details and all the information you need to make a hiring decision. Where possible, make a detailed breakdown of your requirements and make a comparison with the Pro’s quotation to ensure that he / she is able to meet your requirements.

Need Help?

Ran into trouble? If an issue arises while your project is being completed, get in touch with the Pro and communicate. Most Pros will appreciate that you get in touch with them so that they are aware of the issue and will always attempt to rectify it successfully. If your attempt to resolve it with the Pro fails and you aren’t able to come to an agreement, please let us know. We are here to help.

Gut Feel?

There are times when there’s just that nagging feeling lingering around. Trust your gut, trust yourself. If it seems too good, it probably is not true. As with all projects, for best experience, consider spending time and effort in the hiring process. Plan, review, compare and decide so that the finished project is within your expectation and budget.

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