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Where to Advertise Massage Business

Where to Advertise Massage Business

Where to Advertise Massage Business

Where to Advertise Massage Business – Advertising is a critical for your massage business. Are you looking for where to advertise your massage business & where to list your massage therapist’s services for free? Are you feeling the pain thinking of how much spending is required on marketing your massage therapy business? Will the amount of hard earned money spent bring you the promised customers and leads? You can breath easy now and take a minute to read on. We will introduce you to a FREE way of advertising your massage business and teach you how to list your massage services online for FREE.

Free Advertising for Massage Therapists

There are many different ways to advertise your massage therapy business that don’t cost much at all. If you’ve ever tried newspaper or telephone directory advertising to market your business, chances are you’ve received a mixed response, or no response at all. Don’t feel bad, though; most paper-based advertising is ineffective and has been taken over by internet searches and online advertisements.

If you are a freelance massage therapist or massage therapy provider, congratulations! At, you get FREE massage listings to help you get new clients. Massage therapist and massage therapy businesses can list your services online by using our free local massage service finder website & mobile app. Its really simple and free. Just sign up, post free advertising listing and get new clients to grow your business. 

Massage Therapy Advertising Examples

Is there anyone out there who DOESN’T love a relaxing massage? Overcome the barriers presented by lack of information and a fear of the unknown by customizing one of our massage therapy advertising example to better connect with your existing and potential clients. Listing your services online is one of the fastest and most cost efficient way to advertise your massage therapy business today. To make things simpler for you, you can use the following advertising example / template and modify if for your own business. 


Advertising Example:

Title: Massage for Headaches & Migraines Relief by (Your company name)

Short Description: All-natural massage therapy for headaches and migraines for pain relief.

Long Description: Massage therapy can help relieve migraines and headaches naturally. Many tension headaches and migraine headaches are caused by muscle tension i.e. tightening of the muscles of the head, face and neck that causes the pain. Treat yourself to an all natural massage remedy provided by our professional therapists and get relief from your headache, neck pain and related symptoms today. Find out how our professional massage therapists can help you with your pain relief needs. Call us @ (your contact number / email address) for free consultation now!

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Self Intro: I’m a certified CA licensed massage therapist specializing in thai, swedish, deep tissue and combination massage. I have been a professional massage therapist for (number of years) in (location). You will be enjoying relaxing massages provided in my suite / office which is beautiful and clean as shown in the pictures above! Looking forward to meeting you!

Closing: Professional massage for headaches & migraines relief is brought to you by (your company name) located at (your company address, state, country). Want to find out more? Check out our company’s website @ (your company website address).

Where to Advertise Massage Business

Where to Advertise Massage Business (Free Listing) – List your massage business for free and start getting new clients today! As important as your business name, business card and prompt answering of the phone is – your business’s online visibility on the internet is crucial! With an increasing number of people going to the internet to search out a massage therapist, you need to be found online and your ad should stand out. To all professional massage therapists, spas & massage centers, advertise your massage business now for FREE and get more clients at no cost! 


Where to Advertise Massage Business
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